Greek Olive Oil & Sesame Cookies from Crete – 290g

These delicious handmade “ladokouloura” cookies from “To Manna” have a delicious olive oil & sesame flavor.They are produced in Crete,Greece and are a healthy snack,perfect compliment to your coffee or breakfast.

Although the history of Cretan diet is lost in the course of time,its benefits for the human organism and its contribution to a healthy way of living,remain unchanged up to this day.The Mediterranean-Cretan diet is considered by modern dietology as an undeniable health privilege and is placed on the top of the nutritional pyramid.Tradition and the Cretan land offer their gifts generously,using pure ingredients to prepare products of high nutritional value and taste.

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Greek Olive Oil Mastic (Mastiha) Flavored Cookies 300g

Delicious Greek olive oil cookies with a unique mastic (mastiha) flavor.This tasty delicacy contains no preservatives and combines two of Greece’s premium products:extra virgin olive oil and aromatic Chios mastic.

It’s an excellent stand-alone sweet snack and a perfect compliment to your coffee or breakfast.

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