Akanes,Greek Turkish Delight Loukoumi (Lokum) 460g

Akanes is a type of loukoumi (greek delight),only produced in Serres,Greece.It is made from fresh goat butter manufactured in the region of Mt Lailias. It resembles a small Turkish delight and has a strong flavour of well-roasted almond. The history of this dessert dates back to the period of the Turkish occupation when Mt Lailias served as the holiday resort of Ottoman beys.

The “akanes” sweet was prepared in large cauldrons in which the “retseli” preserve was boiled together with “petimezi”, a Greek wine must syrup, and water from the springs of Mt Lailias. This is why it is called “Akanes Lailia Serron”. In fact, the unique flavour of “akanes” is believed to be due to the special, light and cool water springing from Mt Lailias. Later, the “retseli” preserve and the “petimezi” syrup were replaced by sugar cane and corn flour. Today, sugar is used instead. As soon as the above-mentioned mixture thickened, fresh butter as well as dried fruit and nuts were added to it. When it was ready, it was let to cool before being cut into small pieces Today, the “akanes” dessert mainly consists of sugar, butter, starch, almonds and corn flour.

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Greek Turkish Delight Loukoumi (Lokum),Mastic (Mastiha) Flavor 400g

Traditional Greek loukoumi (Oriental delight) with delicious Chios Mastic (Mastiha) flavor from Sarantis sweet company.It’s a tasty and aromatic product,made with pure ingredients.A perfect complement to coffee or an ideal stand-alone dessert.

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