Greek Ouzo Flavored Lavdas Candies 100g,375g

Delicious ouzo flavored hard candies from Lavdas,Greece’s leading candy company.Our Store offers this product in 100g pack and 375g pack.

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Greek Mastiha Sugar Free Candies,Mastic Drops 150g

Mastic,a herb which pleases,relieves,heals!Mastic oil,ingredient of Mastic drops candies,is 100% natural essence of Chios Mastic,which is produced from the “tear-drop” of the lentisk (Mastic tree).

Mastic,well known for its therapeutic attributes since ancient times,seems to contribute substantially to the healing of gastric ulcer,helps digestion and relieves stomach aches.Many researches have brought out Mastic as a herb with great antioxidant and antibacterial properties which conduces effectively to the prevention of dental decay and the treatment of dry mouth.”Mastic Drops” are sugar-free candies that contain natural Chios Mastic and help you keep your breath fresh.

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