Akanes,Greek Turkish Delight Loukoumi (Lokum) 460g

Akanes is a type of loukoumi (greek delight),only produced in Serres,Greece.It is made from fresh goat butter manufactured in the region of Mt Lailias. It resembles a small Turkish delight and has a strong flavour of well-roasted almond. The history of this dessert dates back to the period of the Turkish occupation when Mt Lailias served as the holiday resort of Ottoman beys.

The “akanes” sweet was prepared in large cauldrons in which the “retseli” preserve was boiled together with “petimezi”, a Greek wine must syrup, and water from the springs of Mt Lailias. This is why it is called “Akanes Lailia Serron”. In fact, the unique flavour of “akanes” is believed to be due to the special, light and cool water springing from Mt Lailias. Later, the “retseli” preserve and the “petimezi” syrup were replaced by sugar cane and corn flour. Today, sugar is used instead. As soon as the above-mentioned mixture thickened, fresh butter as well as dried fruit and nuts were added to it. When it was ready, it was let to cool before being cut into small pieces Today, the “akanes” dessert mainly consists of sugar, butter, starch, almonds and corn flour.

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Greek Olive Oil & Sesame Cookies from Crete – 290g

These delicious handmade “ladokouloura” cookies from “To Manna” have a delicious olive oil & sesame flavor.They are produced in Crete,Greece and are a healthy snack,perfect compliment to your coffee or breakfast.

Although the history of Cretan diet is lost in the course of time,its benefits for the human organism and its contribution to a healthy way of living,remain unchanged up to this day.The Mediterranean-Cretan diet is considered by modern dietology as an undeniable health privilege and is placed on the top of the nutritional pyramid.Tradition and the Cretan land offer their gifts generously,using pure ingredients to prepare products of high nutritional value and taste.

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Greek Pasteli Sesame Snack 100g (3 Packs)

This listing includes 3 pasteli (sesame snack) bars,100g each.Pasteli is a healthy, nutritious and totally natural snack, a rich source of energy and the perfect supplement of everyday diet for all ages. It is made exclusively of roasted sesame seeds and pure honey and is a healthy alternative to the standard candy bar.

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Greek Ouzo Flavored Lavdas Candies 100g,375g

Delicious ouzo flavored hard candies from Lavdas,Greece’s leading candy company.Our Store offers this product in 100g pack and 375g pack.

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Greek Traditional Sweet CakeTsoureki,Tasty Snack 75g

Tsoureki (Greek τσουρέκι), çörek (Turkish), panarët (Arbërisht), choreg (Armenian ?????), or çör?k (Azerbaijani). are a sweet bread in Greek,Azerbaijani, Cypriot, Bulgarian cuisine, Arbëresh cuisine, Turkish, and Armenian cuisine. It is formed of braided strands of dough.This item comes directly from Greece and is a delicious sweet snack suitable for every moment of the day.It’s a fresh product and so it must be consumed within days of delivery.

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Greek Turkish Delight Loukoumi (Lokum),Mastic (Mastiha) Flavor 400g

Traditional Greek loukoumi (Oriental delight) with delicious Chios Mastic (Mastiha) flavor from Sarantis sweet company.It’s a tasty and aromatic product,made with pure ingredients.A perfect complement to coffee or an ideal stand-alone dessert.

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Greek Mastiha Sugar Free Candies,Mastic Drops 150g

Mastic,a herb which pleases,relieves,heals!Mastic oil,ingredient of Mastic drops candies,is 100% natural essence of Chios Mastic,which is produced from the “tear-drop” of the lentisk (Mastic tree).

Mastic,well known for its therapeutic attributes since ancient times,seems to contribute substantially to the healing of gastric ulcer,helps digestion and relieves stomach aches.Many researches have brought out Mastic as a herb with great antioxidant and antibacterial properties which conduces effectively to the prevention of dental decay and the treatment of dry mouth.”Mastic Drops” are sugar-free candies that contain natural Chios Mastic and help you keep your breath fresh.

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